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Segment your audiences into different Communities and create a home base of content and resources for each one.

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In your admin dashboard, you can add and edit Communities on the front-end of your site by editing the corresponding Community page in the dashboard. 

Communities are organized by their parent tag. For example, the Communities "Accounting", "Electrical Engineering" and "Journalism" are all majors, and would therefore fall under the same parent tag. The default parent tag for majors is "Academic Categories", but can be changed to reflect your organizational preferences. Meanwhile, "Students" and "Faculty" are both audience types, and would therefore fall under the default parent tag - "Audience".

Note: Parent tags have no influence on how your content displays on the front-end. They're only used to organize your content in the shared tags section of your admin dashboard. You have full autonomy to change the names of parent tags, and dictate which parent you want to assign to each shared tag.

Create a Community:

To create a Community, you must first create a shared tag for that Career Community in the dashboard. To do so: 

  1. Click on the Manage tab in the left-hand side menu of your dashboard

  2. Select Communities

  3. Select the parent of the shared tag you're creating (Academic Categories, Career Topics, Industries, etc.)

  4. Type the name of the new tag

  5. Select Add New Tag

Customize the Community: 

  1. Locate the newly added shared tag from the list on the right

  2. Select Edit

Note: If you're having trouble locating an Audience Community, that may mean you need audience management to be enabled for your platform. To gain editing access, contact support@gouconnect.com, sharing you'd like assistance in locating and editing a particular Community.

Once you've finished editing your shared tag, send a message to support@gouconnect.com, requesting that a customer support agent add the career Community shared tag to your menu. 

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