What are communities?

Communities are uniquely designed pages that aggregate and organize content within your site, either by areas of interest (industries), by academic categories (colleges or majors), by student population or YOG (year of graduation) -- or by other criteria that you determine.

What do they accomplish?

Career advisors want to spend more time advising students and less time manually connecting each student with the right resources. Within career communities, related career advice blogs, featured jobs, events and resources are automatically aggregated so students and potential career contributors (or other guests) can find everything they need in order to be successful. Career advising appointments will be that much more effective when students come armed with ideas around what most inspires them. 

Incorporate best practices:

It's a good idea to create career communities for five to eight areas of interest as a start and expand the list from there. This ensures that there is enough content to keep these unique pages dynamic, relevant and current.

View some examples:

Indiana University College of Arts+Sciences (by Industry)
Texas Woman's University (by Colleges)
Drew University (by Academic Category)

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