On each standalone resource page, you'll find the Related Resources widget at the bottom of the page: 

Related Resources make it easy for users visiting a specific resource page to explore similar resources that might be of interest to them.

How do they work?

Related Resources are automatically generated based on each resource's tags.  For example, if a resource called "Careers in the Film Industry" is tagged to the Arts and Media Career Community, then other, similarly tagged resources will appear in the Related Resources widget at the bottom of the "Careers in the Film Industry" standalone resource page.

While the Related Resources widget cannot be manually and individually tailored to each resource's page, the Related Resources function can be disabled.  However, the removal of this function would be site-wide, so it is important to ensure that the widget would not be missed by other users before its removal.  If you'd like to disable Related Resources, send us a message, and we'll implement this change for you!

The rules described above apply only to the Related Resources widget at the bottom of standalone resource pages and do not apply to resources that show up elsewhere on the platform.

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