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Create easy-to-find answers with anchor links
Create easy-to-find answers with anchor links

Direct users to the information they need without having to sift through the stuff they don't

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What's an anchor link?

Anchor links are links within a single page.  Site visitors can click on an anchor link in one part of the page and be navigated to the link's destination on the same page.

Anchor links can be helpful when organizing a FAQ page or any other page that might include a table of contents.  While coding and HTML may seem intimidating at first, just follow the steps below to create your own anchor links and organize your content.

Create an anchor link:

  1. From your Dashboard, select the page on which you'd like to create anchor links

  2. In the page's content field, select the Text tab

  3. From here, type the following HTML code, replacing the bolded text with your own titles and content:

<a title=“TITLE” href=“#HREF-TITLE (separate words with dashes)”> Page’s content </a>

<a id=“HREF-TITLE” name=“HREF-TITLE”> </a> Page’s content

The first line of code turns regular text into a link, and the second line acts as the link's destination on the page. For example, your code might look like this:

<a title=“FAQ Question 1” href=“#faq-question-1”> How do I schedule an appointment with a career advisor? </a>

<a id=“faq-question-1” name=“faq-question-1”> </a> Call 800-123-4567 or email

: The double quotation marks (") and the pound sign (#) are a part of the code and must be included.

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