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Decide between blogs, jobs, resources, videos, or 'none' as homepage featured content
Decide between blogs, jobs, resources, videos, or 'none' as homepage featured content

Feature blogs, employers/jobs, resources, videos, or 'none' as homepage featured content.

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Below we'll walk through some examples of different featured homepage content you can add to your uConnect platform!

Blog posts:

When added as your homepage featured content, blogs will be listed right below the banner space on your homepage. If your school regularly publishes blog posts, it may be a good idea to set blog content to appear first on your homepage as it lets your audience members see fresh new content feeding in. 

If you're using the featured blog content layout, you can actually adjust the number of blog posts that appear on your homepage at a given time. To do so, click on Customize > Front Page Settings, and enter a number in the Newsfeed Max Posts field. 


Employers/Jobs are another option you can set as your homepage featured content. This can allow you to more effectively highlight the many job opportunities available to students. The best practice is to always keep your homepage fresh with new content.


Resources are another option you can add directly below your hero navigation on the homepage, as shown below:

This allows for increased exposure of all your valuable internal and external tools, and enables students and your broader campus community to always have the option to view some of the fresh new content you've added to your platform immediately after navigating to the site.

Feature Videos:

If you're looking for a way to feature dynamic and attention grabbing content on your homepage, you may want to consider adding videos as your homepage featured content!

Videos are a great way to diversify the types of content feeding into your page, and help create an engaging user experience.


If you'd like to only have widgets display on your homepage, and skip adding a featured content type at the top of your platform, we can set the featured homepage content to 'none' to allow room for description text to be added.

Make your decision:

To designate blog, job, resource, or video content as your homepage featured content, please submit a support request.

Note: Even if you choose to feature jobs, the system automatically defaults to featured blog posts when fewer than three jobs are listed at any given time. This measure ensures that you never have a lack of content on your homepage.

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