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Your hero section is the first thing users see when they navigate to your website. Customize it to reflect your career center brand!

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What is the hero section?

The hero section is the upper area of your homepage, and the first thing users see when they arrive at your site. The standard format for this section is a banner image layout. 

The banner image layout consists of up to four images that rotate across your screen at a brief interval--the length of which you determine. Each image can contain unique, customizable text and can act as a unique hyperlink when clicked. Additionally, you have the option of activating an events calendar that lays over the banner image. 

Here is an example of how the banner image layout appears, without the events calendar overlay:

And here is an example of how the banner image layout appears, with the events calendar overlay:

Follow these steps to apply the banner image layout to your hero section:

  1. Login to the admin dashboard

  2. Click on the Customize tab in the left-hand side menu, then select Banner

  3. Select Banner 1, 2, 3, or 4 from the dropdown, depending on which one you want to edit

  4. Upload a banner image

  5. Enter any text you wish to have and the background opacity of the text block (optional)

  6. Enter a link that viewers will be taken to when clicking the banner image (optional)

  7. Designate the rotation speed in seconds

  8. Select Save Changes between each banner that you upload and adjust

Note: follow our image sizing guide to ensure that your images are clear and focused. 

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