We've rearranged our main menus to make the dashboard easier to navigate.

Learn more about the horizontal dashboard menu

In the horizontal dashboard menu, you'll find a workflow that guides you through the content creation and publishing process, user engagement, and site analysis.

Learn more about the vertical dashboard menu

The buttons in our vertical menu have been rearranged so you'll be able to find what you're looking for more easily.

Under the Publish tab, you can create, manage, and publish blogs, jobs, events, employers, experiences, resources, people, organizations, featured videos, and classes.  You can also manage your pages and your editorial calendar.

The Engage tab is where you'll go to create automated or custom emails for your subscribers, as well as forms for your users to fill out and submit.

Under the Analyze tab, find data metrics that provide information about user engagement with your site.  Utilize this tab to learn what is and isn't engaging your users.

Under the Customize tab, edit your homepage and your contact info, including your social media information and your career center's service hours.

Lastly, under the Manage tab, create and edit your communities (previously called "shared tags"), content categories, users, and calendar types.

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