How do users manage their profiles?

All audience types (students, prospective students, employers, faculty, parents, site admins, etc.) sign up for and manage profiles and preferences the same way.

Whether they are signing up for the first time: 

Or returning to manage their preferences:

Signing up for emails and managing preferences is quick, easy and intuitive. Users simply select Login or Signup in the top right hand corner of the screen. If they're signing up, they'll be presented with the option to choose their emails once they input their basic profile information. Basic required fields will vary depending on the user type of the person signing up.

If they're logging into a previously created profile, they can select both Preferences, and Alerts & Emails to adjust their topics of interest and the frequency with which they receive alerts.

As a staff member... have the option to sign up for multiple alerts, targeted at your different audience groups in order to see what they're receiving. To do so, edit your Alerts & Emails within the Edit My Profile section.

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