The Featured Users section on the uConnect platform can be displayed on a widget displayed either on the sidebar or as a bottom widget. You have three ways you can order the users on the widgets:

  1. Order the users in first name ascending alphabetical order 
  2. Order the users in last name ascending alphabetical order 
  3. Pick the menu order you desire

To pick the order you want, navigate to 'Manage'>'Users'> Locate the user and click on 'Edit'. From the edit page, scroll down to 'Order' as highlighted below. If you assign the user an order of 0, the user will appear last in the widget. 

Scenario: If you have 5 users and you assign the user Jane the order of 1, Jane will appear before last. If you assign John the order of 5, John will appear first in the list of the Featured Users.

Once you are done assigning the users the order, please contact to change the orders for you through the widget.

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