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Instructions for integrating with Candid Career
Instructions for integrating with Candid Career

Learn how to setup your Candid Career integration to automatically import video content into your uConnect dashboard.

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How to integrate with Candid Career

Integrating with Candid Career is easy! In order to configure the integration, you need to submit the following information:

  • Account URL: which should follow the format here: ''.

Note: In the Account URL, the 'CollegeName' portion should be the same as the word after the last comma in a video link, e.g. 'CollegeName in ',f55b2e4f1048fc8289d0,CollegeName'

Once you have this information handy, please submit it via this form:

After you've submitted it, your Success Manager will be in touch to set up the mapping. What is mapping?

From Candid Career, we can map the following:

  • Majors

  • Channels

This means that we can assign any 'Major' or 'Channel' category to any community in your uConnect dashboard. Once the mapping is complete, your integration is complete!

If you have any questions, please reach out to, or through the chat in your dashboard. If you don't have an integration with Candid Career included in your uConnect contract, please reach out to to get it set up!

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