All menu changes, including updates to your main, hero, and Community navigations need to be implemented by members of the uConnect team. Only uConnect team members have access to editing, adding, and deleting new menu items, but this being said, we’re always happy to make a new menu change for you! Just message with a brief description of the change you’re looking to make, and a uConnect team member will be in touch to assist with the change. See the images below to view the different kinds of navigations uConnect team members can help update.

One quick item to note as you’re requesting new menu changes is that Community titles do not need to match your main navigation names. For instance, if you’d like to title one of your Communities “Interviewing Tips” from under Manage>Communities, but have the same Community listed as “Preparing for the Interview” in your main navigation, we can certainly implement this change for you! If you do change the name of a Community or page in your backend, that won’t change its title in the main navigation, which can be updated instead by contacting

Another item to keep in mind is that there isn’t a limit to the amount of menu changes the uConnect team can make. If you decide to change the name of a menu item, or realize later on you’d like to remove a certain menu item, we can go ahead and implement this change for you at any point.

For questions regarding menu updates, reach out to! 😊

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