If you have blogs geared toward certain audience groups, you might be tempted to create a blog Content Category for that specific audience. However, we encourage you to use an Audience Community tag instead. 

Why should I opt for an Audience Community Tag instead of a Content Category Tag?

While you might just want to publish audience-specific blogs today, you might want to include events, jobs, or resources for this audience in the future. Rather than creating multiple content categories for the same audience, you can consolidate all of these categories into one Community, by tagging your audience-specific content to that Community. To put it another way, Community Tags can be applied to all kinds of content on your platform, whereas Content Category Tags can only be applied to the one kind of content they're designed for. So using a Community Tag will still specify that, for example, a certain blog is geared towards alumni, but you won't have to manage individual 'alumni' tags for each individual kind of content, such as jobs, events, and organizations.  

How can I create and use an Audience Community?

Follow these steps to create an Audience Community:

  1. From your Dashboard, select Manage then Communities

  2. Click Add New

  3. Give your new community a name and add it to your group of Audience Communities

Now you can tag each piece of content to that audience community!

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