Why did uConnect partner with third-party content providers?

In addition to one-on-one advising, stakeholders use uConnect to share career services across their website, social media platforms and email networks to scale their impact on career education. 

One piece of consistent feedback we receive from stakeholders is that it can be hard to create content and even harder to create a culture of content creation within the office. Historically, we've worked with schools to help them focus on: 

  1. Organizing content in their editorial calendar
  2. Leveraging student staff members to help manage and produce content
  3. Integrating event calendars and job feeds so schools can easily sort and promote content from other systems in one central place

Now we're taking it to the next level. Our clients are having no problem promoting local content like campus events, resources and recruiting opportunities, but they're telling us that evergreen content, while immensely valuable, often takes a good deal of time to create.

At the suggestion of a few users, we've created partnerships with trusted career advice outlets across the web. With the supplementary support of these outlets, our clients are able to provide more holistic support for students. We have now partnered with The Muse, WayUp, Idealist Careers, Fairygodboss, Hospital Recruiting, Springboard, and the Campus Career Coach.

By feeding articles from trusted sources, schools can share valuable content for students to find in the same place where their local events, jobs and resources live and alleviate some of the time it requires to create new, fresh content. 

Integrate third-party content into your blog feed:

When you're in the dashboard, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Blog under the Publish tab, then select All Posts. 
  2. Select External Blogs as highlighted below in red. This button includes the names of the third-party sources. Clicking on any of them will filter your list by author and allow you to search through some pretty awesome content you might consider sharing with your community.  
  3. You also have the option to enter keywords in the search posts section next to green button below. For example, if you know that you are looking for resume tips, you can enter the keyword 'resume'
  4. If the blog has pending status next to the title as highlighted in blue below, it means it is waiting for admin/staff approval to be published 
  5. Once you've found a great article, for example 7 Free Tutorials That'll Help You Brush Up on Key Job Skills (From Your Couch), you can click through and publish to your site. 
  6. Don't forget to tag your content so it lands in the right community on your site and alerts your users over email. You'll also want to share your post across your social channels. 

FYI: The feeds from our third party content providers are updated every 24 hours, enabling new blog content to feed into your platform everyday. 

Feel free to send us suggestions of more content partners you'd like us to integrate. We'd love your feedback! 

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