Within your dashboard, there is a tab on the left labeled "Analyze". From here, you have the option to view "Engagement Insights" and "Activity Insights," which display a variety of metrics that you can use to track your website's performance. 

Understand engagement analytics:

Engagement Insights looks at your audience interaction with your platform. This data includes:

  • Users: the unique users that visit your platform
  • Sessions: total count of the users who visit your platform & how many times they visit
  • Pageviews: the total number of pages viewed
  • Pageviews per Session: the total number of pages viewed divided by the number of sessions

You can adjust the date range to look at years of data at a time, or even focus on a specific day.

Engagement analytics further identifies audience interaction by displaying top posts in each of your categories, including jobs, blogs, pages etc. so that you can see where your audience is most engaged and what content is attracting the most attention.

Understand activity analytics:

Activity Insights looks specifically at the career center's use of the platform through posts, active users, and email campaigns over an adjustable date range. It identifies how many posts have been submitted by guests or staff members, what user types are posting, and the types of email campaigns being pushed out. 

This allows you to see which members of your team are contributing the most, and what kinds of content are being pushed out regularly.




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