How to integrate with CampusGroups

Our CampusGroups integration is powered by an automated RSS feeds that pull in student organization and related event content on a weekly basis. The feed follows a format similar to the example included below:

  • ''

To generate this RSS feed, login to your CampusGroups dashboard, and follow this set of 3-step instructions, here.

Once generated, this RSS feed will import the following fields from CampusGroups, and map them to the subsequent Organization fields in uConnect:

  • groupType     →     organization category

  • category     →     communities (mapped once imported categories are identified)

  • groupName     →     title

  • mission     →     description (concatenated with 'whatWeDo')

  • whatWeDo     →     description (concatenated with 'mission')

  • groupId     →     CampusGroups ID

  • groupAcronym     →     short name / nickname 

  • groupLink url     →     website  

  • groupEmail     →     email

  • grouplogo_url     →     logo URL

When you're creating these feeds, it's important to note that the default feeds will not import a full organization description. In order to input a full description, ask your CampusGroups support contact to include a '<fullDescription>' field in your organization RSS feed.

Once this feed has been created, send it over to us at, or through your Integration Implementation Form*! 

Once we can see what categories are being imported from CampusGroups, we'll work with you to map those to the corresponding communities in uConnect. This will enable student clubs to be pre-tagged to their relevant topics upon import, saving you an extra step (& loads of time!). 

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us at

*If you don't have access to your Integration Implementation Form, or don't know if you have one, shoot us an email and we'll help you figure it out!

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