Why integrate with PeopleGrove?

Integrating with PeopleGrove enables you to promote your extensive mentor network within the context of career education and exploration. This supports student success in many ways, by:

  1. broadening their network, 

  2. opening them up to relatable perspectives and advice,

  3. and providing an additional layer of support to answer student questions. 

By showcasing mentor profiles within your career communities, you can help to inspire students to persist to achieve their career dreams. Your now easily accessible and visible network makes it easy for students to see what past alumni, who have pursued a career in that community, have accomplished and can reach out to learn how they did it and follow in their footsteps. 

Here's how it works

Integrating with PeopleGrove is quick, and easy. The configuration works to pull in your alumni mentors from your PeopleGrove account via an API. The integration then filters them into the relevant communities on your uConnect platform, and automatically publishes them for your users to explore. 

What's even better? It requires zero maintenance to continue pulling in and publishing new mentors. 

If you know you always want to automatically publish your Technology industry mentors, no problem - we can do that! If you think you'll want to pre-approve the mentors coming in for your Business community rather than having them automatically publish to the front-end, no problem there either - we can do that too! 

Pick and choose the industries you'd like to have auto-approved, and we can easily activate that feature for any or all (or none!) of the communities you like. 

Interested in implementing PeopleGrove into your uConnect platform? Reach out to us at support@gouconnect.com!

Ready to set up your integration? Read our step-by-step instructions here

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