Static communities are formatted around featured content blocks which allow you to fix images and text. If you find yourself wanting to update this content, just follow these steps!

Update your featured content blocks:

  1. Under the Manage tab in the left-hand side menu of your dashboard, select Communities
  2. Locate the career community that you wish to update and click Edit
  3. If the Static blocks feature is already enabled, select Add more content to add a new block
  4. Give your block a title, image, and description 
  5. Create more blocks by clicking Add more content

Incorporate best practices:

Here are some of our recommendations to design a featured content block that's both engaging and informative:

  • Include an image for each featured content block to visually engage page visitors. Image dimensions should be 400x150 pixels.
  • To reduce the amount of blank space on your page, try to keep the text in each block brief at around 30 words.
  • Toggle the "horizontal layout" option to display your featured articles as a wide-banner widget instead of a running feed. This feature is a great way to clean up a cluttered page.

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