Why integrate with the Vault?

Vault is a career intelligence resource, known for its comprehensive industry guides. These guides help to inform student pathways by providing insights into industry work life, and advice on kickstarting or pivoting your career. 

As an institution that has paid for your students' ability to access these guides, it's important to make sure this information doesn't go unnoticed. To solve for this, uConnect has developed an integration with Vault, to bring each industry guide to the forefront of your students' career exploration experiences.

Integrating with Vault is an important step to ensure that your students use this valuable research to inform their career outcomes. This integration gives students the opportunity to research industries and professions in the same space that they can explore job and internship opportunities: the uConnect platform.  

Here's how it works

This integration works using an API feed to automatically sync all industry guides within your institution's Vault account to your uConnect dashboard. These guides will show up as Pending Resources in your admin dashboard, providing an image, description, and deep-link to the guide in Vault. 

This integration also provides the opportunity for you to pre-tag the guides before they're pulled into your uConnect dashboard, so that when they sync, they're already tagged to the relevant community. This makes publishing them as simple as two clicks!

Once the guides have been imported and published, students can access them on the uConnect front-end. After reading the description and clicking through to learn more, SSO (if you haven't already enabled SSO, read this article on why it's so important, and reach out to us to set it up - it's free!) will automatically direct them to the selected guide within your institutional Vault account, creating a completely streamlined experience for your students, free of login barriers!

If your institution uses the Vault, and you'd like to learn more about this integration, please reach out to info@gouconnect, and we'd be happy to assist you.

If you already have this integration enabled, and you have a question, please feel free to reach out to us at support@gouconnect.com!

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