Feature blog posts:

The University of Washington Career Center features blog posts on their homepage. This was a smart decision for their team because they post multiple articles per week. In fact, they have a goal to post two new blog articles each day. The featured blogs are listed right below the banner space on the homepage. If your school regularly publishes blog posts, it may be a good idea to feature blog content on your homepage. 

Note how they utilize the right sidebar to highlight a few select opportunities. Feel free to explore their platform further by clicking here

Note: If you're using the featured blog content layout, you can actually adjust the number of blog posts that appear on your homepage at a given time. To do so, click on Customize > Front Page Settings, and enter a number in the Newsfeed Max Posts field. 

Feature jobs:

The Smeal College of Business at Penn State opted to use jobs as their featured content rather than blog posts. This strategic decision allows Smeal to more effectively highlight the many job opportunities available to students. The best practice is to always keep the homepage fresh with new content.

Make your decision:

To designate job or blog content as your homepage featured content, submit a support ticket to support@gouconnect.com.

Even if you choose to feature jobs, the system automatically defaults to featured blog posts when fewer than three jobs are listed at any given time. This measure ensures that you never have a lack of content on your homepage.

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