Create and format a contact list:

Updates to subscriber lists are formatted through Excel and then submitted to our uConnect team.  


1. Upload your file in csv, xls, or xlsx format. 

2. The minimum information required for each user type is as follows. Each item must be in its own column.

  • Students: First name, Last name, email address, SSO ID (if you have it integrated with your uConnect platform)

  • Alumni: First name, last name, email address, SSO ID (if you have it integrated with your uConnect platform + Alumni have a unique ID)

  • All other User Types: First name, last name, email address

    3. Different user types must be submitted in separate spreadsheets. If you have both undergraduate and graduate students, they must be submitted in separate spreadsheets.

    You do have the option to add more information than the minimum required for each user, such as major, industry, or campus location. We encourage it! It provides you with more insight into their interests and experiences so that you can communicate with them in a more individualized, tailored way. However, please note these important requirements:

1. Additional information must be able to map directly to a set of communities in your uConnect system. For instance, if a student is a ‘Pre-Med’ major, and you want to map them to the ‘Healthcare’ career community in your uConnect dashboard, you only need to include the ‘Healthcare’ information as a part of that student record for our mapping and import purposes.

2. Think of each column in your spreadsheet as a community group. To see your your tagging options, navigate to Manage > Communities in the back end of your platform. The green headers are your community groups. When you click on the header, you will see the tags that belong to this community group. These are all options for you to assign to imported subscribers!

3. In each column of your spreadsheet, you may only include one community from one community group. If you want to include multiple communities within the same group, separate the two items with a semicolon, but keep them in the same column.

Submit your list: 

Use the Subscriber List Upload form to upload your subscriber lists.

Note: We recommend updating your subscriber lists every semester. Doing so will give you more accurate data and ensure that new students are subscribed for alerts.

Note: If a profile already exists for a user and his email is included in a new or updated contact list, his profile will not be deleted or duplicated.  Only new tags will be added to the existing profile.

Wondering what happens to your contact lists at the end of the school year? This article explains it all. 

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