Each Candid Career platform has both a public-facing and admin-facing platform link.

Anyone given the public-facing link can view all Candid Career videos on the platform. The admin link should not be made public and should only be given to team members that will be managing the Candid Career platform. These will be your staff members that are creating new video playlists, moving/adding content to the front page, looking at analytics in the backend, and have general access to make changes to your Candid Career instance.

There is not a username/password field to access the Candid Career platform. Instead, there is just a separate student/public-facing link, and separate admin link that includes access to the backend of the Candid Career platform to make updates.

If you no longer remember what the links for your Candid Career instance are, feel free to message support@gouconnect.com at any point and a team member would be happy to retrieve those for you.

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