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How we brand your platform

We want to ensure that your virtual career center aligns with your institution's broader digital presence. To do so, we've built flexibility into the presentation of the platform, so that our developers can customize key elements to align with your institutional brand guidelines. All of the elements outlined below need to be updated by a member of the uConnect team.

Customizable elements

Below, we've outlined the elements of the platform that are open to brand customization:

  • Site logo

  • Font typeface

  • Platform header color

  • Platform footer color

  • Button color

  • Header font color

  • All imagery

What if I want to customize something else?

We often get requests to customize additional areas of the platform. Typical requests include:

  • additional header navigation menus

  • custom navigation UIs

  • custom footer menus and configurations

  • custom banner or alert buttons

Our support team does not support this type of customization. If you'd like to discuss a request for additional customization in more depth, please reach out to

If you have any questions on any of the customizable areas above, or would like to update any of them, please reach out to, or send us a message through the chat in your dashboard.

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