Why integrate with Candid Career?

Learn why it's important to centralize your video resources into your virtual career center!

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Why integrate with Candid Career?

Integrating with Candid Career allows you to bring your career-related video content under the roof of your virtual career center, by importing videos straight into your uConnect dashboard. Pulling in these videos makes accessibility easier than ever, allowing students to discover relevant videos within communities of interest, alongside other curated resources and information. This helps to build a truly comprehensive career exploration experience for your students, and tells other stakeholders, like prospective students or parents and families exactly what kind of unique resources they (or their children) would have access to should they attend.

This also ensures that your virtual career center is truly representative of all the resources and tools available to students.

This integration also helps to streamline your workflow as an admin. You no longer have to direct students to a separate portal to seek out the value of Candid Career videos - you can showcase this information automatically (with zero maintenance or manual upkeep!) within your virtual career center, alongside the rest of your career resources.

Here's how it works

The sync works to pull in the 150 most recently published videos on a weekly basis. The library will compound over time, to build on the first 150 pulled over in the first sync.

The sync will pull over the video title, thumbnail, and description, and streams the video itself so that it can be viewed within your uConnect platform.

Any 'Major' and 'Channel' categories that are assigned to the video will also be assessed, and translated into the appropriate community tags based on the mapping defined in the configuration of the integration (we'll help you set this up when we configure the integration!).

All imported videos can be viewed under 'Publish' > 'Videos' in your uConnect dashboard.

If you have any questions, please reach out to support@gouconnect.com, or through the chat in your dashboard. If you don't have an integration with Candid Career included in your uConnect contract, please reach out to support@gouconnect.com to get it set up!

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