Learn about the screen options button:

Once logged into the backend of your dashboard, there will be a grey “Screen Options” button that appears after selecting the Blogs, Employers, Sponsors, People, Resources, Classes, Organizations, and Videos content type. This option is also visible under the Pages, Communities, and Media sections of your dashboard. No matter what type of content is being viewed, or what section of the dashboard you’re in, this grey “Screen Options” button will always be located underneath your name and above the green “Search” button as shown below.

When the “Screen Options” button is expanded, users can select specific fields to leave displayed as they’re viewing content, and unselect other fields they do not need to view at the moment. Note that the fields included in your “Screen Options” menu will differ depending on where you are in the dashboard, and what type of content you’re viewing. 2Unselecting certain fields allows the dashboard to feel less cluttered, and more aligned towards a specific topic a user is looking into.

For example, if I’m viewing a list of all published blogs and want to only view their titles and specific blog categories they were assigned to, I can expand the “Screen Options” button to deselect the “Author” and “Date” columns. This creates a more streamlined view and quicker way to access the information I need.

When a field within “Screen Options” is deselected, it can always be added back at a later point by expanding the “Screen Options” button again, and checking any fields you’d like to include.

Customize your screen options when editing a specific post:

The “Screen Options” button is available when editing and publishing specific posts as well. Try expanding the “Screen Options” button when selecting a specific blog for instance, to indicate what fields you’d like displayed while making edits to its content.

For example, if you’ve already added blog categories to the post, and do not need these to display for now, you can unselect this field from the expanded menu, and will no longer have to scroll past these categories when making additional edits to your blog post.

Please note that although unselecting specific fields can be helpful for managing your dashboard and making quick edits, it’s important to reselect these fields after, to ensure when you go to view specific content later on, that you’re able to view and find all fields.

Please contact support@gouconnect.com for any questions on managing your screen options.

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