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Customize automated email campaigns
Customize automated email campaigns

Create an exception to the typical format of your automated emails using the Customize tab.

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While your default settings dictate daily, weekly and monthly automated email campaigns, you can also customize individual campaigns for a particular day in the Customize tab.

Customize an automated email campaign:

  1. Click on the calendar icon to see the monthly view

  2. Click on any day to customize the daily campaign that is set to go out on that day (but make sure that you have alerts set to go out on the day you select)

  3. Click on any of the days that are marked with a "W" to customize the weekly campaign that is set to go out on that day, or a "M" to customize the monthly campaign that is set to go out on that day

Once you find the campaign you want to customize, you will see a familiar screen to edit the Time, Subject, Title and Intro for that particular campaign.

If you don't customize emails for a particular day, the email notifications will be sent out based on your default settings from the Settings tabs.

In certain cases, you may want to make sure that all of a particular audience group receives a specific post in their automated alerts. In this case, you can add a post as a 'featured post' when crafting your automated email to achieve this.

To include special call to actions in an email, hot links are also a valuable tool for easily adding buttons to direct attention to specific links.

Note: If you click on a day that does not have a campaign schedule (i.e., a day that is not selected for daily, weekly or monthly alerts on the Settings tab) you will see an error message (seen below) that will alert you accordingly:

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