What is a content migration?

A content migration is the transferring of your valuable information (including resources and static content from web pages) hosted on other sites into your uConnect platform. Content migrations are performed for three main reasons:

  • To replace your current website with your uConnect platform, ensuring all important career-related resources and content contributing to student success is preserved
  • To feature resume guides or other resources hosted on multiple sites in one dedicated space within uConnect, creating a more centralized and organized user experience 
  • To streamline your staff’s workflow with support of our uConnect team, collaborating to reduce overall time spent transferring content, and offering best practices for the recreation of this content

The two types of content migrations performed are: 

  1. A strategy and best practices migration (included in the onboarding process), in which our uConnect team supports your staff by building out a strategy for your content migration, offering best practices and examples of how to transfer the content you’ve indicated within your uConnect platform. We’ll answer any questions you may have, and work with you to form a unique plan for migrating your specific resources and tools. 
  2. A full content and strategy migration (not included in the onboarding process and requiring an additional fee), in which our uConnect team assesses the type(s) of content you’d like to transfer over, works with your team to build a strategy for this migration, and provides a cost estimate based on the length of your migration (full content migrations will be priced at $150 per hour). With a full content and strategy migration, our uConnect team does all the work for you, incorporating any content you identify straight to your uConnect platform as we find to be most effective from our collective team experience. 

Migrations do not include access to custom pages. Custom pages are an additional fee charged in the sales process.

Note: Full content and strategy migrations are a great way to save time, but we also recommend trying to transfer content by yourself first. Self-migrations are a good way to gain confidence in navigating your uConnect platform, and allow your team to maintain full control of the content is presented on the front end of your platform! 

How do I begin my content migration? 

The following steps outline our strategy and best practices migration process:

1. We’ll begin your strategy and best practices migration by scheduling a phone call to:

  • Discuss where the resources and pages you’d like to transfer over are currently being stored
  • Offer best practices for creating these resources and communities within uConnect
  • If applicable, create an example of how to transfer over the different types of content you’ve identified
  • Align on a timeline to complete your strategy and best practices migration, and discuss how we can best support you moving forward during this process 

2. After your strategy and best practices migration meeting, if you feel comfortable adding content to your uConnect platform yourself, we recommend for you to begin the migration to maintain confidence navigating the backend of your platform. However, if you’re unsure of how to add a specific content type (including a resource or community), our uConnect Knowledge Base has some great articles to help start you off.

3. If you have further questions after referring to our Knowledge Base, we’ll schedule a quick phone call to help, discussing the type(s) of content you’d like to transfer over further, and some best practices for doing so. 

The following steps outline our full content and strategy migration process:

  1. After the full content and strategy migration purchase, our uConnect team will host an internal meeting to align on the type(s) of content that needs to be migrated, and a uConnect team member will email the lead contact you’ve identified to set up an initial migration meeting 
  2. Your initial content migration meeting will answer any questions on our side about the type(s) of information you want to include, and explain how we envision your resources and web pages being brought over
  3. Our client success team will then work to migrate any of the content you’ve identified into your uConnect platform
  4. Once this is completed, we’ll set up a migration review call with your team to discuss what content was brought over, and where in the platform we’ve stored your information
  5. From here, our uConnect team will make any necessary edits after our migration review call, and notify you once your full migration is completed

For more information on content migrations, reach out to support@gouconnect.com, and a team member will be happy to assist you! 

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