What is a content category?

Content categories accomplish three basic purposes:

  1. They label and organize content in the dashboard
  2. They provide filters for subscribers to determine the blog posts, events, jobs and resources they wish to receive in their alerts
  3. They enable users to filter through content on the front-end

A content category that is created in the dashboard simultaneously becomes an option for an alerts preference and a content filter. If a site administrator publishes a blog post, they have the option to tag that post to various content categories. For example, blog content categories may include "Employer Spotlight, Alumni Success Story, Interviewing Tips, etc." while jobs content categories may include "Internships, Part-Time Jobs, Full-Time Jobs, etc. 

Content tags govern four basic types of content: (1) blog posts, (2) resources, (3) events and (4) jobs. The process behind managing tags is the same for all of these content types.

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