Your automated newsletters can be sent on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Within each of these three frequencies, you can also customize which day of the week, and at what time the newsletters are dispersed. 

Once you've set the date and times that you'd like your newsletters to be sent, you can preview them in the 'Customize' tab of the 'Automated Emails' section of the dashboard.

How to preview your newsletters

To preview your automated emails (newsletters), ensure that they are activated, then: 

  1. Navigate to 'Engage' > 'Automated Emails (Alerts)'
  2. Select the 'Customize' tab
  3. Expand the Calendar by clicking on the calendar icon. When the calendar is expanded you'll see either a blue W, or M to indicate 'Weekly', or 'Monthly'. Based on the dates and times you've selected, these are the days that your Weekly or Monthly Newsletters will be delivered.
  4. Select the date you'd like to preview with either the blue W or M.
  5. Scroll down and select 'Save & Preview Email'. 
  6. Another tab will open up that provides you with a sample preview of your newsletter.

It's important to note that the preview you see is a sample selection of content. Every subscriber's newsletter will be custom curated for their individual preferences and user profile. The content included in a newsletter could also change between the time you preview it and when it sends if new content it posted in that time period. 

The preview tool is most useful for preview any 'Hot Links' you indicate, which would be included in all newsletters, regardless of subscriber preferences and user type.

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